Birthday Party - More Info

Create a Theme for Your Party

The Legacy Academy is also pleased to announce that it has acquired Direct TV satellite service so that partygoers can watch their favorite sporting events on our 58" Hitachi plasma color TV screen.The Legacy staffperson on duty will turn on any Direct TV programming requested by the party hosts for their guests' viewing pleasure, including all Packer and Badger games, Milwaukee Brewer games, the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl, NCAA basketball games, NASCAR races, etc.

The academy has had many families hang a piñata for their children’s birthday celebrations. Just let us know if you should wish to do so and we’ll be glad to help you display a piñata during your private party. We have a couple of piñata hanging options available that will accommodate both pre-school and elementary school aged kids. We do ask that party hosts assist with a pinata cleanup.

For any families wishing to have a “Star Wars” theme for their private party we are glad to make our large collection of lightsabers available for the children’s use upon request at no additional charge. These lightsabers come in a variety of colors and are particularly fun for the kids when the lights are turned off. We also have Star Wars music CD’s available that you are welcome to play during your party on our Bose CD/Radio player.

We've got the lights and music to create the ultimate dance party! *Not available for 2nd Floor Parties.

Do It Yourself and Save

By providing your own invitations, decorations, tablecloths, party favors, balloons, cake, and your desired food or beverages you can save on the costs related to these other party expenditures. (Upon request, we will provide you with Legacy Academy brochures to accompany your party invitations). Many groups also have pizza delivered for their parties. You may also bring your own CD's with your preferred music or just listen to a radio station of your choice for background music. Refrigerators, freezers microwave ovens, cafeteria tables, and chairs are also available on-site at no additional charge.

Party to Party Transition Period

FYI, the Legacy Academy builds in a 30 minute transition period between parties. During this transition period the departing party hosts finish cleaning up (with the aid of an academy staff person) and the hosts for the next scheduled party can start to set up. As such, party hosts may arrive a half-hour before their party is scheduled to begin but they should expect that some cleanup of the preceding party will be occurring while they are setting up. The academy staff has become quite efficient at "turning around" the academy between parties and ensuring it is timely ready for the start of the next party. To aid in this process invited guests should not arrive until the scheduled starting time of their party.

Party Cancellation Policy

Once a private party slot has been reserved it is made unavailable to other interested families so the person who reserved the party slot remains obligated to pay the entire party fee even if he/she decides not to host it. However, a party can be rescheduled upon providing the academy with a minimum of three weeks advance notice. The three-week notice period is intended to give Legacy Academy a reasonable chance to rebook the original party slot to another family.

Not Seeing your Preferred Weekend Available?

Parents who do not find an attractive weekend party slot available are encouraged to instead consider hosting a weeknight party. Legacy's parties hosted on Monday thru Thursday are often better attended than weekend parties since families are usually in town on school nights. Parents may elect to have a weeknight party start as early as 5:00 pm so invited children can still make their bedtimes.